Spaceflight Motors, Gearboxes, Actuators and Mechanisms



Rocketstar Robotics design, analysis, and manufacturing capabilities provide exceptional performance and value. Our engineering team is well versed in the all disciplines of actuator and mechanisms design including; gear design, motor design, static and dynamic stress analysis, thermal analysis and tribology. Our experienced design team uses state of the art parametric solid modeling and finite element analysis software for design optimization. Gear tooth profiles are optimized against load characteristics for absolute minimum mass gearbox designs in compliance with American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) standards.


Working in concert with a select team of outside machining services we have a manufacturing capability that is second to none without the overhead requirements of an in-house shop. Our manufacturing capability includes CNC machining, wire and sinker EDM, gear shaping and grinding, composites manufacture and precision OD grinding. Manufacturing efficiency is enhanced through our progressive ‘art to part’ system that reduces manufacturing lead times and inspection requirements while supporting our quality goals.

Plans are currently progressing towards acquisition of our assembly and test facilities. Critical processes such as cleaning, lubrication, assembly and test will be performed in-house. Cleaning, lubrication and assembly will be performed in our class 1,000 clean room environment per Federal Standard 209. Bearing processing will be performed at higher cleanliness levels in our clean room flow bench. Ambient performance, thermal and thermal vacuum testing will also be performed in-house using custom calibrated test equipment. Vibration testing supported at multiple locations nearby our facility.


Our management philosophy is that quality is valuable, essential and inherent to a successful organization. Rocketstar Robotics’ quality plan is compliant with AS9100 Revision B and plans are currently being prepared for certification.