Spaceflight Motors, Gearboxes, Actuators and Mechanisms

Welcome to Rocketstar Robotics, a company of individuals with unparalleled experience in the design and manufacture of spacecraft actuators and mechanisms for high profile, mission critical spaceflight applications.


MER Rover
Mars Exploration Rover featuring dozen's of
mechanisms designed by engineers currently
at Rocketstar Robotics

Dedicated to providing actuators and mechanisms for spaceflight applications Rocketstar Robotics features a management and engineering team with over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of spacecraft mechanisms.

Rocketstar Robotics can analyze, design, and manufacture components to customer specifications for demanding spaceflight applications. All analysis and design is performed in-house with the latest analytical tools. Rocketstar Robotics makes effective use of parametric models that are dynamically linked to our analysis. Our manufacturing operations are supported by a select team of precision machining services.

Rocketstar Robotics broad technical capability means that our customers will never be forced to use a technology that is not the best option for their application.


Genesis Spacecraft
Rocketstar Robotics engineers were
instrumental in the sampling
systems for the Genesis Mission

Prior to starting Rocketstar Robotics our engineers have been responsible for the design and manufacture of numerous high profile spacecraft mechanisms and actuators. In addition, they have been called upon on multiple occasions to serve as consultants to several spacecraft and spacecraft mechanisms suppliers including the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Raytheon. From Earth orbit, to Mars and beyond our team is ready to support our customers’ requirements.

For more about our engineers' experience please follow the link to our 'Experience' section.


Rocketstar was founded in 2002 by Douglas Petercsak originally as a consulting firm named Rocketstar Engineering. Mr. Petercsak holds a degree in mechanical engineering. He started his career in spacecraft mechanisms design in 1983 when he began working at RCA Astro Electronics in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1993 he was one of the founders of the American Technology Consortium (ATC), a small startup company dedicated to the design and manufacture of spacecraft mechanisms and actuators. ATC maintained an excellent reputation and quickly grew to over two million dollars per year in sales prior to being acquired in 2000. He holds multiple patents for spacecraft mechanisms designs and is a member of AIAA.