Spaceflight Motors, Gearboxes, Actuators and Mechanisms

This area features an overview of some of our engineers' experience. Additional links on this page provide additional detail on our extensive Mars experience and non space related experience.


RCA Satcom K-2
Deployment of RCA Satcom K-2
communications satellite during Space
Shuttle mission STS 61-B

The engineers at Rocketstar Robotics have been instrumental in the design of actuators and mechanisms for a lineup of satellite missions dating back over two decades. Some highlights include release and deployment mechanisms for:

  • Satcom K1-K4
  • DMSP
  • Geostar
  • Radarsat 1
  • Radarsat 2
  • Telstar 4
  • Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
  • Landsat

Rocketstar Robotics' engineers were also instrumental in the design of antenna pointing mechanisms for:

  • Intelsat
  • Immarsat
  • Orbview 3
  • Orbview 4
  • A2100
  • A2100M
  • Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Advanced EHF
  • Koreasat

Our engineer's solar array drive experience includes:

  • Orbcomm
  • Satcom K1-K4
  • Direct Broadcast Satellite

Manned Missions

International Space Station
The International Space Station

Our experience with manned missions includes actuators and mechanisms design for the International Space Station and nearly every payload actuator for the largest deployable structure ever flown in space on the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. Our engineers are familiar with the special requirements imposed by manned missions.


MER Rover
Mars Exploration Rover featuring dozen's of
mechanisms designed be engineers currently
at Rocketstar Robotics (more)

Our engineers’ experience with designing actuators, gearboxes and deployment mechanisms for Mars Missions is unparalleled with over 50 mechanisms alone on the Mars Exploration Rover program including; actuators for azimuth, deployment, elevation, and camera pointing mechanisms for the Pancam mast assembly as well as transmissions for the wheels, steering, suspension, wheel deployment, solar array deployment, antenna pointing, airbag retraction and sampling systems. In addition to MER, they have also been responsible for the design of mission critical mechanisms for Mars Observer, Mars Pathfinder, and Mars Volatiles and Climate Surveyor. Click here for more about our engineers' Mars experience.

And Beyond

Genesis Spacecraft
Genesis Solar Sampling Mission

Our experience does not just stop there. Rocketstar Robotics’ engineers have also contributed to deep space missions such as scan mirror components for Stardust and the main sampling system mechanism for Genesis.

Our engineers have also been entrusted with the design of many 'mission critical' non space related mechanisms and actuators as well. Click here to learn more.

Clearly our engineers’ have our customers’ trust when it comes to mission critical mechanisms.