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CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA and VENTURA, CALIFORNIA – April 25, 2006 – ThinGap Corporation, the leader in high power density DC motors, and Rocketstar Robotics, an innovator in the design and manufacturer of actuators for spaceflight applications, today announced an agreement providing Rocketstar Robotics with an exclusive license for marketing ThinGap’s coreless motor technology for use in spaceflight applications. 


“ThinGap’s high power density motor coil technology allow longer battery life for spaceflight applications, which will provide Rocketstar Robotics with a substantial competitive advantage for the motion control needs of spacecraft mechanisms,” said Rean Pretorius, president & CEO, ThinGap Corporation.  “This agreement jumpstarts ThinGap’s efforts to broaden its market base by penetrating the growing market for high power density motors in spacecraft applications with a newer technology that provides clear advantages over mature motor technologies.”


“The ThinGap technology provides us with the substantial advantages of zero cogging, high efficiency and low mass when compared with other technologies for the spaceflight market,” said Douglas Petercsak, president, Rocketstar Robotics.  “Once our customers complete their evaluations we fully expect Rocketstar Robotics motors incorporating ThinGap technology to takeover a significant share of the spacecraft motor market.”


The ThinGap technology eliminates magnet wire and iron laminations in the stator while incorporating a rotor containing the entire magnetic circuit as it rotates.  This eliminates lamination power loss caused by hysteresis.  In combination with high-energy neodymium-iron-boron magnets, the thin wall of the stator coil allows a miniature air gap, which creates a high power density motor, with excellent characteristics for low power applications.


ThinGap motors are used in applications requiring high power density such as portable battery systems, medical devices, industrial hand-held power tools and unmanned vehicles, as well as wind-generated energy applications.


Other benefits of the ThinGap technology include zero cogging torque which is invaluable for low ripple torque pointing applications and a near perfect sinusoidal back EMF that allows for precision motion control.  Rocketstar Robotics motors, based on the ThinGap technology, will be designed from the ground up as spaceflight actuation systems.

About Rocketstar Robotics

Dedicated to providing actuators and mechanisms for spaceflight applications Rocketstar Robotics features a management and engineering team with over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of spacecraft motors, gearboxes, actuators and mechanisms. Rocketstar Robotics engineers have designed an unparalleled number of mechanisms for Mars applications and are experienced in an extensive range of transmission, motor, telemetry and mechanism designs.  Applications include:



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About ThinGap

ThinGap Corporation manufactures an innovative line of brush and brushless motors utilizing a patented electromotive coil design, which produces a high copper-packing density and higher copper-to-total-volume ratio than motors with conventional wire windings.  A precision thin copper sheet replaces the iron core and wire windings of conventional motors.  This provides higher power-to-weight ratios, a wider range of speed and torque capability, improved heat dissipation and lower electrical resistance.  Applications include:



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