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CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA July 30, 2007 Rocketstar Robotics, an innovator in the design, analysis and manufacturer of actuators for spaceflight applications, today announced the availability of engineering consulting services to the spacecraft mechanisms market.


By popular demand of our customers we now intend to supplement our capabilities with engineering consulting services related to the design, analysis, manufacture and test of spaceflight mechanisms.


Spacecraft mechanisms often represent a high risk to mission success. This risk is often unnecessary and can be avoided with the assistance of experienced engineering talent. Rocketstar Robotics has over 70 years of combined spaceflight mechanisms design, analysis and manufacturing experience available to help our customers reduce risks while meeting their goals. Our engineering talent is well known throughout the industry, currently supports some of the largest spacecraft manufacturers and is available for consultation.


Rocketstar Robotics uses modern industry recognized tools for engineering design and analysis and can provide engineering talent on-site or remotely.


Rocketstar Robotics design related services that are available include:



Analytical capability along with experience is critical to minimizing design risk. Rocketstar Robotics can provide the following analytical capabilities:



Manufacturing is often an area where design issues or manufacturing issues can result in delays and increased schedule risk. Rocketstar Robotics talent has decades of experience in working with vendors and in-house assembly and test issues to streamline the manufacturing process. Areas of manufacturing support we can provide include:



Rocketstar Robotics is excited to offer these services to our customers to help them succeed and to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

About Rocketstar Robotics

Dedicated to providing actuators and mechanisms for spaceflight applications Rocketstar Robotics features a management and engineering team with over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of spacecraft motors, gearboxes, actuators and mechanisms. Rocketstar Robotics engineers have designed an unparalleled number of mechanisms for Mars applications and are experienced in an extensive range of transmission, motor, telemetry and mechanism designs. Applications include:



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